Pantie's Inferno

Thalia Theatre, 288A Green St (Lower Level), Cambridge, MA

Down, down, down... follow the Path of Good Intentions and stand before the great, grim iron gates whose inscription reads "Through me the way is to the dolorous city; Through me the way is to eternal woe; Through me the way among the perditious; Through me a great show with a super-talented cast".

Visit with all your favorite sins when The Boston BeauTease go to Hell -- for one night only! It just wouldn't be Halloween without a Boston BeauTease show! The first show we planned way back in 2005 was Out for Blood, a Halloween revue, and we've done a special show for October (almost) every year since. This year we're taking a break from the darkness of The Wrathskellar to take you all on a cheery jaunt through Hell in PANTIES INFERNO!

Starring: Betty Blaize, Devastasia, and Mina Murray, with Artemisia Vulgaris and Gin-ni Gelato.

ADVANCE TICKETS: $16.00 General Admission $25.00 VIP Seating

Prices higher the day of the event